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Sunlight Therapy - Weight Loss System Ayrshire Scotland

Sunlight Therapy Weight Loss System

Sunlight Therapy Weight Loss System will literally change your life. It'll work easily and effectively for you, because it simply alters the way you think and feel about everything you eat and drink.

  • You'll start to lose weight almost immediately. There are absolutely no risks to your health or wellbeing and the success rate is virtually 100%.
  • You'll notice that you only want to choose healthier meal options.
  • You'll find that you are satisfied with smaller portions.
  • You'll lose your desire for fattening snacks like fast food, chips, cola, crisps, sweets and chocolate.
  • You'll prefer to drink less alcohol and fattening, sugary soft drinks.
  • You'll even become enthusiastic about taking regular, gentle exercise!

Right from day one, you'll have incredibly strong will power and the determination to look and feel younger, slimmer, fitter and healthier.

There are just four, easy and fun sessions of around ninety minutes each, spread over three weeks. You will experience an incredibly strong desire to only eat smaller portions of healthier food. Many of our clients have easily lost several stones in weight and dropped three or four dress sizes. Sunlight Therapy obviously works just as effectively for men, too.

So, if you simply want to drop a size or two, if youre beginning to be concerned about your weight constantly creeping up, or you're seriously worried about the long term effects of obesity on your health and wellbeing, now is the time for action.

Clinical Obesity

Obesity in the western world has reached epidemic proportions. Over 60% of us in the UK are overweight, with about 26% of us clinically obese – and both figures are rising at an alarming rate. Most adults regularly eat and drink far more than is healthy for us, although we all know that eating smaller portions of healthier food is the key to staying well, feeling good and living longer.

In extreme cases of excess weight, clinically obese patients have started seeking extreme surgical procedures like gastric bands. This is clearly a last resort, because of the intrusive nature of the surgery involved, the long recuperation period and of course, the pain and scarring of any surgical procedure, not to mention the high costs involved (typically £7500 – £10,000).

More worryingly, clinical obesity can frequently result in serious secondary problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, joint pain and respiratory problems.

Sunlight Therapy - Weight Loss System Ayrshire Scotland
Sunlight Therapy - Weight Loss System Ayrshire Scotland

Unfortunately this operation, as well as all the expensive fad diets and slimming clubs that drift in and out of fashion, doesn't always work. That's because it doesn't actually change your fundamental relationship with food – and this is where the problem really lies. That's why so many of us 'yoyo' diet and don't understand why our weight almost inevitably seems to creep back up, every time we're brave enough to climb on the scales!

With the Sunlight Therapy Weight Loss System you'll enjoy all the good health and self-confidence benefits of successful, long term weight loss. There's no painful surgery, there are no boring diets that cause unpleasant side effects, you don't have to keep buying expensive 'weight-loss' foods, shakes or pills and there are no punishing exercise regimes to follow before you see any results.

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