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Sunlight Therapy

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About Sunlight Therapy

Sunlight Therapy is provided by a dedicated team of Professional Therapists who consult at our practice clinic in Ayr, and also in a wide range of group sessions, throughout the UK. We aim to provide a highly professional and supportive service in a friendly and comfortable environment, where you'll feel relaxed and confident at all times.

Clients are treated in a warm and very informal atmosphere, where everything is discussed in total confidence. Ethical integrity is very important to us and we guarantee that you'll be treated with total respect and discretion at all times. Our clients frequently comment on finding the experience deeply relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Sunlight Therapy combines traditionally proven methods with the very latest techniques in recognised clinical and complimentary therapies to achieve remarkable results quickly and easily. This includes a unique combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We provide the highest standards of professional service, while offering genuine value.

Sunlight Therapy Consultants

Margaret Curdy

Margaret has studied and trained as a complimentary health therapist for over twenty five years. In addition to her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she is a qualified Reiki Master, a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and an experienced therapist using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Margaret has a proven intuitive ability to precisely diagnose areas of concern and apply the necessary course of treatment for clients. She is a respected therapist with a distinguished track record of successes to her credit. She also demonstrates considerable empathy with her clients.

Margaret's journey has been long and arduous. From a very challenging beginning, she has developed her naturally intuitive skills and is now a very effective Clinical Therapist and Counsellor. Together with her Husband Bryce, she has developed the exciting Sunlight Therapy Weight Loss System, which has a proven success rate of virtually 100%. She has helped many of her clients to permanently lose weight and control it effectively.

Prior to her current position, Margaret was a highly regarded Event Producer, with hundreds of major national events to her credit. These include five Royal visits, numerous large scale corporate events, dozens of gala fashion shows for M&S, BHS, NEXT, Frasers and Jeff Banks, and hundreds of prestige car launches for the World's leading car manufacturers.

A renowned workaholic, she clearly understands the huge, real world stresses involved in juggling work, career, family, school runs, and food shopping, while aiming to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. She understands the temptations of convenience food and quick fix treats!

Margaret is a keen wildlife lover and treats injured birds and animals with Reiki, to assist their recovery.

Bryce Curdy

Bryce has studied social psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy since the seventies. More recently, he has become a compassionate, skilled and sensitive Clinical Hypnotherapist, who helps and supports clients with his considerable knowledge and hallmark values of personal discretion and ethical integrity.

Together with his Wife Margaret, he has developed the exciting Sunlight Therapy Weight Loss System, which has experienced an astonishing, near 100% success rate.

Bryce has worked as a professional broadcaster, writer and documentary film maker for over thirty years. He has hosted his own series of programmes on both television and radio, working with BBC Scotland, Channel 4, Granada Television, Yorkshire Television, BSkyB and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He was a television newscaster for over fifteen years with STV.

From 1976 until the present, he has also hosted his own popular music and magazine shows on Radio Clyde, West Sound Radio, SAGA Radio and Smooth Radio. Bryce is currently Radio Manager with Ayr Hospital Radio – an on-line, charity radio station. He has produced, written and presented hundreds of news features, music and consumer reviews, staff training programmes and corporate communications projects. He has media trained numerous senior executives in many global corporate organisations.

Bryce's deep love of music and its therapeutic effects, has seen him progress towards qualifying as an accredited Music Therapist. He has assisted many sporting and media personalities in achieving greater heights in their careers. He has also supported members of the Armed Forces in their rehabilitation, following post-traumatic stress and battle fatigue. Both Margaret and he are trained and certificated suicide counsellors.

Bryce is an accomplished artist, photographer, film maker and writer.

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